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Company Overview

GV(GeumVit Corp.) in 1989, beginning with CNC(Computerized Numerical Control) processor business, we developed PCNC(Personal Computer based Numerical Control) system and lead CNC equipment market. Based upon CNC technology, we developed high quality, high capacity LGP(Light Guide Plate) production CNC equipment as well as LGP processing technology which we acquired patents from 21 countries worldwide. Starting with LED light panel business for advertisement (“LumiSheet”) using LGP, we entered into the high-tech LED lighting market.

Through success of “LumiSheet” business, we acquired LED lighting technology and launched LED lighting brand called, ‘LumiDas’ in 2007 which we were the first in the Korean market to provide LED lighting business. From consumer bulbs to high value added Highbay and high-tech explosion proof lamp, we set up the long life, high efficient LED lighting line up to replace traditional lighting. Continuous expansion of LED lighting business mainly in Korea, Japan, USA, EU and towards new markets, we are developing as global LED lighting company specializing in industrial business segment.

With New Value Creation products, we are committed to pursue Customer Satisfaction through Precision Management and Quality Management. Based on the four core values, we will march forward as the company creates the future light that cares the nature, the globalization as well as the health of humanity.

GV(GeumVit Corp.)’s Vision

LED “ Global Top 10 Company Specializes in LED Lighting ”

CNC “ No. 1 Domestic Company Specializes in IT parts Processors ”

Main Business Segments of GV(GeumVit Corp.)

LED Lighting Business

GV(GeumVit Corp.), as the first company in Korea to start LED lighting business with its own brand called, “LumiDas”, we currently provide various commercial to industrial line up suitable for worldwide market.  

Main product line is industrial LED lighting which is excellent in saving energy and cost so we expect high growth in the worldwide market. The on-demand industrial LED lighting products are high efficient Highbay (Bell Type/Linear Type) and high-tech Explosion Proof Lamp (Hazardous Location Fixture).  

  GV(GeumVit Corp.)’s LumiDas Explosion Proof Lamp (Hazardous Location Fixture), we received recognition of our advanced quality & design technique by acquiring IECEx(International Electrotechnical Commission system for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres) in 2009, TIIS(Technology Institution of Industrial Safety) from Japan, and UL Hazardous Location Fixture certification from global standard market, USA. We expect rapid growth mainly in Korea, Japan, USA and EU market which we are planning to market our Explosion Proof Lamp (Hazardous Location Fixture) as our strategic product.  

  Further, to be prepared against explosive growth expected IoT(Internet of Things) based future convergence market, GV(GeumVit Corp.) is planning to supply high-tech IoT sensor embedded LED lighting to the advanced market to become a leading global LED lighting company.

  • Industrial LED Lighting : Highbay, Hazardous Location Fixture, Parking, Canopy, Street Light
  • Commercial LED Lighting : Flat Panel, Tube, Multi-Purpose Light, Base Light, Downlight, PAR, Bulb

LED Light Panel Business for Advertisement

Patented in 21 countries worldwide, V-cut processing technology applied LumiSheet Business has supply chain in 60 countries, over 150 accounts for outdoor advertisement panels, malls & stores advertisement panels, and shop-fitting business like merchandise display stands, showcases, etc. LumiSheet is high profit/high value-added which creates steady business in the North America/ Japan through successful localization of Joint Venture companies. GV(GeumVit Corp.) will lead the global LED advertisement lighting business through continuous development of leading technology.

CNC Processor Business

In possession of own developed controller, competitive CNC processor business brings $2M per annum of steady sales and high profits and holds No.1 domestic market share in the smart phone metal case processor business. Also, Smart phone having short replacement period due to explosive demand from the market, CNC processor become the beneficiary product. In the near future, large LED/OLED TV frame will require more of the 3D processing technology; we expect the use of CNC processors will increase.

GV(GeumVit Corp.) in brief

  • Company : GV(GeumVit Corp.) Co., Ltd
  • C E O : Cheol-Hyun Kim, Man-Hee Chae
  • Establishment : Founded in July 1999 / Established as GV(GeumVit Corp.) Co., Ltd in 2019
  • Key businesses : LED Lighting / LED Light Panel / CNC Processor
  • Worksite : LED lighting / CNC business - 14, Saneop - ro 104beon-gil, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (ZIP) 14402
  • Telephone : Tel:+82-32-670-3000 / FAX : +82-32-670-3100

Global Network

  • Asia
    • Korea : GV(GeumVit Corp.) Co., Ltd. (HQ), CNC Business
    • Japan: GV Japan Co., Ltd., T&D Lightec
    • China: GV Yantai Co., Ltd.
    • Vietnam : GV VINA Co., Ltd.
  • Americas
    • USA: GV USA Inc.